Presentation of the audiobook

An audiobook, as the word implies, is a book transmitted by sound. The market for audiobooks is currently experiencing a huge growth as more and more people are beginning to use them.

The great advantage of audiobooks is that they now make it possible for us to enjoy books in situations where we cannot read traditionally such as driving, exercising, and other activities that may require our visual attention. More and more readers are finding audiobooks to be a convenient alternative to traditional reading.

Interpreted audiobook

Reading aloud is no easy task. A good audiobook needs to be recorded by a capable reader with a lot of experience, expression, the ability to interpret, and a talent for giving life and voice to the individual characters in the story.

Narrated audiobook

The overall sound of an audiobook can be composed of just one sonic element, such as the voice, or it could have embellishments such as music and sound effects. However, most audiobooks consist of only voice. An audiobook is narrated by one or several voices in accordance with the characters and structure of the book.

The recording of an audiobook should be conducted in a professional recording studio equipped with the proper equipment and conditions to make a record with clear diction and no background noise.

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