German voice over

Are you looking for the most suitable German voice for next job?

Choose from our selection of German voice artists, listen to our custom samples and find the right fit for your project.

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Gen.: Type: Age: Name: Listen Quote:
Commercial Adult DW02
Commercial Senior BOH02
Performed Young DW03
Narrative Senior BOH01
Commercial Adult PTR01
Narrative Adult PTR03
Narrative Adult AHK02
Performed Young TNB02
Narrative Adult CRV01
Narrative Adult THB02
Commercial Adult THS02
Performed Young TNB01
Commercial Adult ASP02
Narrative Adult THS01
Narrative Adult THB01
Narrative Young TNB03
Narrative Adult AHK01
Commercial Adult ASP01
Narrative Adult ASP03
Commercial Adult HRA02
Narrative Adult DW01
Performed Adult HRA05
Narrative Adult HRA04
Commercial Adult HRA01
Performed Young STK01
Performed Young STK02
Performed Young STK03