Chinese voice over

Access our Chinese voice bank , listen to free samples and choose the best fit for your project. Ranging from more than 500 voice talents sorted by age range, style and tone, you will find the perfect match for you.

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Gen.: Type: Age: Name: Listen Quote:
Commercial Young LIN01
Narrative Young SMY02
Narrative Adult ZHT01 (mandarín)
Commercial Young SWH04
Narrative Young HYG01 (mandarín)
Narrative Adult ZHT02 (mandarín)
Commercial Young HYG03 (mandarín)
Commercial Young SWH02
Commercial Young SMY01
Animation Young SMY03
Performed Child SWH01
Narrative Adult WZH01 (mandarín)
Commercial Young HYG02 (mandarín)
Narrative Young SWH03
Narrative Adult ZHT04 (cantonés)
Narrative Adult ZHT03 (mandarín)
Commercial Adult RF01
Performed Adult YZG01
Commercial Adult YSN01
Commercial Adult YSN03