Privacy Policy

Voces the Cine doesn’t store, collect or manage any personal data from the users who visit our website. If you contact us to request a quote, we will receive an email with the information you indicate and we will use it exclusively to contact you in response to your request.
If in any moment you would like us to delete the email and any information you sent us, you can contact us through our email or the phone numbers you will see in the bottom of the webpage.
Voces de Cine is committed to protect the information received in these emails and to exclusively use them for their intended purpose.

Cookie policy

Our website uses two types of cookies in order to better your browsing experience:

  • Session cookies: We use them to manage your cart, where you can put your desired voices to remember the language you chose to see this site in and to show or hide items according to your preferences.
  • Third party cookies: We use google analytics to compile viewing statistics on our page in order to better our organization and our content.

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